Custom Trucks, Rod Rigs, Pressure Trucks, and Hot Oilers made specifically to your industry!

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Our Assembly Shop can assemble and finish your trucks for you on site to perfection!



Experience mobile servers, Data Acquisition, custom reports for you, and clients while away!

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    TCB has served, and helped shape the oilfield industry into what it is today. A modern and innovative industry with years of development and decades of top quality service helping our clients achieve their goals. Through technological advances, and development of projects to expand our industry we bring the highest quality of products and services to you our client. We thank you for making us what we are today, and will continue to strive towards our goals while holding the very highest of quality standards.
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    TCB is proud to offer top rated services and quality control surpassing industry standards to bring you the best possible products and services available for your company or product needs. Contact us, and we can help assist you in any way.



    Our team of qualified experts can provide some of the best level of services and equipment available on the world market today. Specializing in all oilfield applications, and certifications. To meet any level of quality standard.
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    As we said we strive to expand development and bring new and more efficient ways to expand our industry. Even one of our newer projects the "Silver Jack" pumping system has been incorporated and praised both for use and efficiency while in the field. Read More at the Western Canadian Pipeline Magazine on page 7 on the development of this project.


    Field Efficiency

    With Skytrack Data Aqcusition installed on our trucks you can now remotely monitor your rig from anywhere with the use of Skytrack. Whether it be safety shut offs, transfer and data acquistion for both you and your client, or using each truck acts as its own mobile server in the field. You get the confidence you need even while away from site you can monitor all of your projects!

Efficiency & Experience

Our Rod Rigs are and will remain the best in the field today! We are confident in everything we produce as a product for our client to ensure he is using the best equipment world wide TCB stands strong beside anything we produce and we will always strive for excellency!

TCB Rod Rigs

Performance & Field Proven

TCB Has Manufactured state of the art and solid Hot Oilers specializing in service worldwide! With our data acquistion systems, high performance design, and completely modernized assembly and fabrication shop we are able to provide the best Hot Oilers on the market today!!

TCB Hot Oilers

Tried and True Solid Design

TCB Welding takes pride in the manufacturing of our Pressure Trucks. Each unit is custom built to customer spec. All of our pressure trucks come with a fluid management system that can allow monitoring and reporting on and off site. Our pressure trucks come with your choice of the tri-plex or quint pump. All pressure trucks are speced for whatever is needed and designed with the highest quality and state of the art systems.

Pressure Trucks

About TCB Welding and Manufacturing

TCB offers full-service custom and production machining services. Our mission is to be our client’s supplier of choice. We can only achieve this by building strong relationships and knowing our clients business. Our com-mitment is to supply our clients with products and service of the highest quality that meets and exceeds their needs. We are a modern facility located 1km south of Brooks, TCB has established a modern machine shop with both high-tech and conventional machining equipment. Investments in the latest technology ensures TCB Machining can handle the most demanding needs of our clients.