Skytrack is a revolutionary term that is making its way into practical application in the oilfield today. It consists of state of the art hardware and software working hand in hand with your units, and allowing you access and reporting on what your machinery is doing in the field while you are on and offsite. This also allows reports to be automatically generated, and sent wirelessly to the customer rather than using a manual method saving on time, and costs. Through realtime reporting you can monitor all of your events with the use of your onsite PC, or from the office you can login simply by accessing your web application straight from your internet browser. To even further the accessibility you can even check your reports an monitor your units directly through our mobile app. So as you can see Skytrack allows your data to be accessed virtually anywhere!! Through the use of an aircard your hardware will broadcast all the data to you. An aircard works as a cellular solution using 3G networks in areas that do not have access to any type of broadband connection, and relays this fast and efficiently to all of your devices.

Combined with the Panasonic Toughbook this literally turns your unit into a mobile local server opening a new world of benefifits for your operations. Whether you require email to email contact, file transfer services, or need to look up information it is now all available to you onsite.

Skytrack adds a new level of automation in mobile oilfield equipment by intergrating all systems on pumping equipment and service rigs such as the truck, pump, hydraulics, and safety shutdowns into one interface. Skytrack converts this precise data into Real time, remote monitoring and reporting.

This opens windows of opportunity for your company by allowing….
- Cost efficiency with constructive use of precise data

- Reports in real time showing you exactly what your equipment is doing on designated timeframes

- The ability to have on hand reports to generate future trends based on reliable data

- Full on site control and extended safety even while offsite


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