Skytrack (Fluid Management Systems)


Skytrack™ provides a new level of automation in mobile oilfield  equipment by integrating all systems on pumping equipment and service rigs — truck, pump, hydraulics, and safety shutdowns into one interface. A laptop equipped with an aircard literally turns your unit into a highly efficient, mobile local server. 
Skytrack™ converts the data into real-time, remote monitoring and reporting that can be accessed virtually anywhere, anytime by any mobile device... or from the office! You can monitor all of your events simply by logging into the application from your internet browser. Reports can be automatically generated and sent wirelessly to the customer saving time and cost. To further accessibility, email-to-email contact, file transfer services, information retrieval is all available to you on-site.




• Full on-site control and extended safety while off-site.
•Automatic, real-time reporting for clients showing exactly what the equipment is doing.
•Revenue generation for the precise reporting offered.
• The ability to have reports on hand to generate printed chart reports or send as .csv files.
• Cost savings for end customer, as additional on-site equipment/ recording equipment is not needed.
• The ability to maintain months of data for future reference.


A Skytrack™ Data Acquisition System to suit your needs or budget is available on any of these units


Pressure Truck

Hot Oiler

Swab Rig

Frac Fluid Heater

Wire Line Unit

Rod Rig



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