Double Flush By Specifications

Double FlushBy Specifications

54'(crown to ground) vertical, single mast Ladder

block cradle, dead line anchor Engineered and certified to 60,000# vertical/50,000 no outrigger guidelines

Load lines c/w turnbuckles

Fall arrest

Tension style electronic weight indicator c/w backlit 6" gauge mounted in panel

SJ-100 Belly Jacks

SJ-100 Rear Jacks c/w lock rings

Mast raising cylinders x2

Mast lock down straps for travel



1.14 Double 20" diameter Sheaves c/w pedestals and bearings

1.15 Grooved for 7/8" line

1.16 Crown Saver



HL-25-7-86-3 Pullmaster hydraulic 2 speed

25,000# Single line pull, 650 FT/Min High Gear

Drill line (7/8" 6x626) 2nd winch Pullmaster PL-5 c/w 130' 3/8" line with tail chain saftey hook /block

Tri-plex 165 HP TEEF 3X5 Triplex Gardner Denver Pump

Plungers - 3 inch

Volume @ Maximum RPM - 138 GPM @ 300 RPM up to 1700 psi

Maximum Allowable Working Pressure - 6000 psi

High Pressure Manifold (Welded)

Feed pump Load/Unload Pump - Gear (helical gear design)

T & E Pump capable of bi-directional rotation. Maximum pressure - 125 psi / Maximum RPM -750rpm



1.22 Structural Steel tubing construction

1.23 Composite lightweight flooring/cw aluminum handrails

1.24 Adjustable height


Tank Specification: TC-406 Crude spec

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