Pressure Truck Model P5000


Model P-5000 Pressure Truck


TCB Welding takes pride in the manufacturing of our Pressure Trucks. Each unit is custom built to customer spec. All of our pressure trucks come with a fluid management system that can allow monitoring and reporting on and off site. The model p15000 pressure truck comes with your choice of the tri-plex or quint pump. All pressure trucks are speced for whatever is needed and designed with the highest quality and state of the art systems. Please contact us for more information


Model  P5000 Pressure Truck

• Tri-plex or Quint Pumps 5000-15000PSI,  Various brands, pressures and Volumes available. 

• Gardner Denver

• Namco gear box

• Namco chain case

• 3x2" Durco or Mission

• Code dangerous goods bumper

• Hydraulic hose reel 132' 5000 PSI - 1"

• 502 Integral line pipe - 2"

• steel tool boxes or aluminum

• 15000 psi manifold and pop valve with pressure dampener

• 3" or 4” gear pump with variable speed control

• TC 412, TC 407 and TC 406 tanks

• Controls, power divider, all tank valves air operated from control panel

• Low pressure piping (built and QC to ABSA and TDG specs) Each spool pressure

• tested with appropriate paper work.

• sandblasting & Paint (Endura paint, one colour)

• Hardline hose loop

• Custom insulated plunger pump compartments

• TCB digital fluid management system




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