Gardner Denver 165HP Pump


TEEF 3x5 for Well Servicing Performance Rating
Specifications Intermittent Well Service
Maximum BHP 165 BPH
Maximum Jackshift RPM 300 RPM
Stroke Length 5" (203 mm)
Oil Capacity 12 gal. (45 liters)
Maximum Rod Load 44,000 lbs. (19,960 kg)
Pump Weight 2,990 lbs. (1,360 kg)
Ratings are based on 90% mechanical efficiency and 100% volumetric efficiency.
Piston and liner construction available in 2 3/4'' and 3''.
The duty cycle of a pump rated for intermittent duty is not to exceed 30 minutes at

loads above the maximum established for continuous running followed by an equal period at no load.
External pressure lubrication required below 75 RPM.
Note: Use plungers/packing for acid service or pressures in excess of 4,000 PSI. Pistons/liners are not recommended for these applications or any applications over 4,000 PSI.





• Eccentric construction
• Left or right-hand shaft extension
• Top and bottom crosshead pressure lubrication
• Pressure lubrication of power end
• Suction and discharge on either side
• Solid connecting rods
• Clamp connections between plungers and crosshead extensions
• Removable stuffing boxes with threaded gland nuts
• Choice of piston and liner construction or plungers with non-adjustable
type packing
• 4'' steel fabricated suction manifold
Crankcase Oil Capacity: 12 gallons (45 liters)
Suction Opening: 4'' (120mm) pipe, beveled for wleding
Discharge Connection: N.P.T. - 2'' (51mm) threaded connection
Dimensions: Length 69.8'' (1733mm), Width 50.0''(1270mm)
Height (mounting feet to top) 26.8'' (681mm)
Standard Equipment
• Colmonoy plungers or piston/liner construction
• Hardened steel valves
• Cast steel fluid end
• Fabricated suction manifold
• Lubricating oil pump and filter
Optional Equipment
• Mechanical lubricator for stuffing box packing
• Suction and discharge surge chambers
• Relief valve
• Fabricated steel skid and motor or engine
• Plunger rod washing system (mounted only
on unitized packages)
• Auxillary oil pump (unmounted)
• 6'' suction manifold
• Stainless steel valves

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