Rod Rig Specifications



Splitter Box right angle drive      
  Namco  436-A dropbox 600HP      
  Air shaft          
  600HP right angle drive      
  Drive lines balanced as required      
  Installed complete as required      
  Steel and composite decking c/w hand rails    
  Aluminum toolboxes 4 total, (2) upright, (1) on  deck/(1)toolbox for driller
  Headache rack c/w mast tie-downs      
  Heavy steel rear bumper c/w tow hooks    
   mud flaps      
  Chain hangers          
  Wet box          
  Pipe hose hangers as required      
  Mount on deck to carry spare drill line  
  Hydraulic Cooler        
  Return and Charge Filters      
  Hydraulic Tank complete with Suction Strainers, Suction Valves, Temperature Gauge, And Fluid Level Gauge    
  Synflex Air Lines        
  (10) Work Lights - 4" Round LED Lights    
  Tail/Maker Lamps LED      
  Back-up Alarm        
  12- Volt  Cabinet Heater    
  (2) Cabinet Lights - 4" Round LED Lights    
  Option 1- additional LED lights    
  Standard Cheslsy PTO    
  extra mounting Kits to suit truck    
  200 gallon reservoir c/w temperature and level gauge    
  High pressure filter        
  Load sense valves        
  Piston pumps in place of vain pumps to reduce line size and heat problems
  Hydraulic heat exchanger        
  Control panel c/w pressure gauge & weight indicator    
  Gear pump to run rod tongs      
  Rod BOP c/w hand pump        
  Hydraulic controls for BOP    
  Strobe light for top of derrick    
  Remote throttle   
  Engine shut down (Roda Deaco)   
  A2B Crown Saver        
  Chelsea P.T.O.          
  Geronimo escape line buggy & certified anchor      
Engineering and Certification      
  Mast to be engineered and certified at 60,000# vertical


  72'(crown to ground) vertical, telescoping       
  Ladder, block cradle, dead line anchor    
  Engineered and certified to 60,000# vertical/50,000 without rigger guide lines
  Load lines c/w turnbuckles        
  Fall arrest          
  Tension style electronic  weight indicator c/w  backlit 6" gauge mounted in panel
  SJ-100 Belly Jacks    
  SJ-100 Rear Jacks c/w lock rings    
  Mast rasing cylinders x2    
  Derrick wiring in coduit   
  Mast lock down straps for travel      
  Hydraulic outriggers for stabilizing rig  
  Double 20" diameter Sheaves c/w pedestals and bearings  
  Grooved for 7/8" line        
  Crown Saver          
          Drawworks and Winches        
  TCB Conventional drawworks  with lebus grooving    
  25,000# Single line pull, 650 FT/Min High Gear      
  Drill line (7/8" 6x626)        
  Pullmaster PL-5 c/w 130' 3/8" line with tail chain saftey hook /block
  25 ton single sheave block        
          Rod Table        
  Engineered rod board       
  Rod basket will fit  5/8" 7/8" 3/4" & 1"      
  Structural Steel tubing construction      
  Composite lightweight  flooring/cw aluminum handrails  
  Adjustable height      



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